The Pastors’ Table is a powerful community of deeply connected, fully equipped pastors, to reverse the decline of the American church, foster growth, and make every church a beacon of hope reaching more people for Jesus Christ.


Two Annual Pastors' Table Retreats

High-end, immersive experiences held in serene, inspiring locations. These retreats are designed with one thing in mind: providing a high-end, immersive experience for Senior Pastors to step back from your daily duties, recharge, and find fresh inspiration for your ministry.


Fall Pastors' Table Retreat:

October 7th-10th, 2024



Optional Pastors' Table Drop-in Events

The year will offer other opportunities to connect, collaborate, and be inspired. We'll have optional events for you to attend such as the Forged Men's Conference for senior pastors' and their staff as well as the Aspire Women's Conference for senior pastors' wives and their staff. Additionally, we'll be hosting other various optional drop-in events throughout the year that we'll send out communication for at a later time.


Forged Men's Conference:

July 18th-20th, 2024

Legacy Church Central Campus, Albuquerque New Mexico


Aspire Women's Conference:

September 19th-21st, 2024

Legacy Church Central Campus, Albuquerque New Mexico


Connect with Other Senior Pastors

Where experienced pastors collaborate and share. In this community, we prioritize candid discussions, real-world challenges, and best practices that drive church growth and deepen community ties and overcome challenges.


Twice a Month Online Table Gatherings

Designed for pastors to connect on a profound level, where we collectively share our challenges, victories, and prayer requests. It's a place for encouragement, connection, growth, inspiration, and mutual support, where you'll be heard, understood, and uplifted in prayer.


Online Expert Sessions

Sessions with some of America’s top pastors and experts in specific topics. On these calls, they open their hearts and their playbooks, sharing experiences, trials, tribulations, and triumphs, giving you a unique, insider perspective.


Resource Exchange

Receive other Pastors’ most effective materials, strategies, and resources that have proven successful in their own church's growth. The collaborative library fosters a spirit of 'growth through giving', transforming the way pastors support each other in their mission to expand their churches and deepen their impact.


Ready-to-Use Sermon Notes

Access ready-to-use sermon notes by Pastor Steve, crafted to inspire and engage your congregation. Simply adapt to infuse your unique voice and perspectives.


On-site Church Visits & Staff Training

Designed for learning, inspiration, and direct interaction with the Legacy Church team and other incredible participating churches. Your team will have the unique opportunity to meet and engage with department heads, asking the burning questions you've always had about church leadership, growth, and maintenance.


Personal Guidance from Pastor Steve

Gain ongoing voice and messaging access to Pastor Steve for personalized guidance, encouragement, and mentorship. As well as ongoing informal access and coaching to other leaders for guidance, encouragement, questions, and pastoral mentorship.


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We offer two methods for donation: ACH transfer or credit card payment.

Membership donations encompass all coaching calls, retreats (twice annually in which we'll cover your stay and Pastors' Table activities), as well as many group meals. Please note, we do not offer reimbursements for external expenses such as flights, other meals, personal activities, rental cars, etc.

At this time, The Pastors’ Table, Inc.  has not yet received its formal tax exemption determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service. While The Pastors’ Table anticipates receiving such designation, it cannot guarantee that tax exempt status will be conferred by the Internal Revenue Service or that any contributions made by a subscribing member will receive treatment by The Internal Revenue Service as a tax deduction.


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